"Lyvarnyi zavod" SE

"Lyvarnyi zavod" SE

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Crosskill roller, hydroficated


roller Crosskill
Crosskill roller, hydroficated
roller Crosskill
roller Crosskill
Crosskill roller, hydroficated
roller Crosskill
roller Crosskill
Crosskill roller, hydroficated
roller Crosskill
171 000 UAH
Technical Specifications
Rated working width, mm 9200
Productivity during a hour of basic time, ha./h 11 at most
Working speed, km/h 12 at most
Towing speed, km/h 20
Crosskill discs, mm Ø460 (cast iron)
Shaft diameter, mm 60
Weight, kg 3150
Required tractor power, h.p. 80 at least
Overall dimensions in towing position
Overall dimensions in working position
Length, mm 6500 3580
Width, mm 2280 9380
Height, mm 1670 1025

Packing of soil – an indispensable tool of conservation agriculture to improve yields.

The working width of 9.2 m, the roller weight 3150 kg in complete working bodies, respectively, cast iron, is aggregated with tractors of a class 1.4. Can be used in conjunction with the roller disc harrow, planter or cultivator.

This roller design allows you to limit the number of employees at the time of its operation, which significantly increases productivity and lowers operating costs.
Setting rings shporovogo KCS F460 cast iron in the rollers with a working width of 9.2 m which made it highly unit by:
- eliminate the effect of " comb " land;
- a more dense packing of soil by increasing the weight of the roller compared to steel wheels;
- a better grinding of heavy earth lumps
. In the manufacture of the rink have been implemented structural changes aimed at improving the reliability and durability:
Adjustment of axial clearance without dismantling the working bodies of the bearing assembly;
- uprochnenie frame in high-nodes;
- increasing the rigidity of the roller structure by stretching;
- increasing the rigidity of the roller in the transport position at the expense of ties;
- use of wheel hub of ductile iron HF 50;
- fastening the bearing housing to the frame with four bolts;
- use Quick connections;
- application of swivel frame improved design.

soil tillage this roller improves the flow of moisture to the seeds, reduces its evaporation, and improves seed to soil contact and accelerates the germination, leading to optimal emergence of seedlings and sustainable development of culture, reduce erosion, that allows to receive crop growth to 30% .

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