Cambridge roller, KZK "Olvia-6A"

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Cambridge roller, hydroficated
KZK "Olvia-6A"

Working width - 6 m, weight 4300 kg, equipped with Cambridge cast iron discs Ø520mm and toothed cast iron discs Ø530 mm.


Cambridge roller, hydroficated
KZK "Olvia-6A"

Soil compaction is a mandatory tool for resource-saving agriculture to increase yields

A distinctive feature of the roller – applying of alignment straps (boards) for crushing lumps, furrows filling and leveling the surface.

Alignment straps consists of S-type planks made of a special highly elastic spring steel, size 80x10 and replaceable wear parts from wear resistant boron steel.

Control of leveling board (setting it into a working and transport position, setting the working depth by changing the angle of impact on the surface layer of the field) making by a tractor driver via hydraulic cylinders from the tractor cab.

There is capacity for a various kinds of wear parts (ploughshare, crust crusher, chisels).

For collecting of stones and increase the weight of the roller boxes are provided.

Technical Specifications
Rated working width, mm 6000
Productivity during a hour of basic time, ha./h7.2 at most
Working speed, km/h10 at most
Towing speed, km/h 20
Cambridge discs, mm Ø 520/530 (cast iron)
Shaft diameter, mm 60
Weight, kg 4300
Required tractor power, h.p.120 at least
Overall dimensions in towing position
Overall dimensions in working position
Length, mm 3900 4100
Width, mm 2400 6300
Height, mm 2630 1300