"Lyvarnyi zavod" SE

"Lyvarnyi zavod" SE

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Crosskill roller,


roller Crosskill
Crosskill roller,
roller Crosskill
Technical Specifications
Rated working width, mm 6000
Productivity during a hour of basic time, ha./h 9 at most
Working speed, km/h 15 at most
Towing speed, km/h 20
, mm Ø520 (steel)
Shaft diameter, mm 45
Weight, kg 1750
Required tractor power, h.p. 80 at least
Overall dimensions in towing position
Overall dimensions in working position
Length, mm 5000 5000
Width, mm 6240 6240
Height, mm 520 520

Working width 6 m, weight 1750 kg roller, disk set ring shporovymi diameter steel F520 as a working body.

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