Cambridge roller, KZK-6P-02

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Cambridge roller, hydroficated

Working width - 6 m, weight 3000 kg, equipped with discs with a diameter of 520 mm ringed in cast iron and gear drives 530 mm diameter made of cast iron.


Cambridge roller, hydroficated

Soil compaction is a mandatory tool for resource-saving agriculture to increase yields

Packing of soil – an indispensable tool of conservation agriculture to improve yields.

Working width - 6 m, weight 3000 kg, equipped with Cambridge cast iron discs Ø520mm and toothed cast iron discs Ø520 mm.

To improve the efficiency, reliability and maintainability of the roller:

- increased drawbar length to eliminate the "comb" effect;

- fixing of the working bodies in the shaft with screw nuts M56x3 (with left and right-hand thread);

- installation of sleeves between canted rings, which rotates toothed rings;

- strengthening of the frame with plates in highly loaded nodes;

- increase the rigidity of the roller design through installation of stretch marks;

- the use of quick connections;

- improved hinge assembly frame design.

Technical Specifications
Rated working width, mm 6000
Productivity during a hour of basic time, ha./h7.2 at most
Working speed, km/h12 at most
Towing speed, km/h 20
Cambridge discs, mm Ø 520/530 (cast iron)
Shaft diameter, mm 60
Weight, kg 3000
Required tractor power, h.p.80 at least
Overall dimensions in towing position
Overall dimensions in working position
Length, mm 4700 3580
Width, mm 2280 6100
Height, mm 1500 1010