Cambridge roller, KZK-12.5P

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Cambridge roller, hydroficated

Working width - 12.5 m, weight 6700 kg, equipped with discs with a diameter of 460 mm ringed in cast iron and gear drives 470 mm diameter made of cast iron.


Cambridge roller, hydroficated

Soil compaction is a mandatory tool for resource-saving agriculture to increase yields

Packing of soil – an indispensable tool of conservation agriculture to improve yields.

A distinctive feature of the roller – applying of increased diameter rings КZК F460 with freely moving gear spacers КZК F470 , which are freely rotating on bearings, installed between rings. This is greatly improves the reliability, durability and repairability of the roller.

The use of rings KZK F460 with gear rings KZK F470 allowed making roller a higher-performance versatile unit by:

- Elimination of the effect of "comb" due to increasing diameter of working bodies;

- Denser packing of soil.

- Finer crushing of heavy clods.

In the manufacture of the roller were implemented improvements to increase durability and reliability. Here they are:

-Axial clearance of working bodies regulating without disassembly of the bearing unit.

- Hardening of the frame in heavy nodes.

- Increase rigidity roller by stretch marks.

- Using of quick couplings.

- Applying advanced design hinged frame assembly.

Soil tillage by this roller, that improves the flow of moisture to the seeds, reduces its evaporation and improves seed to soil contact and accelerates the germination, which leads to the emergence of seedlings and the optimal sustainable growth.

Technical Specifications
Rated working width, mm 12500
Productivity during a hour of basic time, ha./h15 at most
Working speed, km/h12 at most
Towing speed, km/h 20
Cambridge discs, mm Ø 460/470 (cast iron)
Shaft diameter, mm 60
Weight, kg 6700
Required tractor power, h.p.220 at least
Overall dimensions in towing position
Overall dimensions in working position
Length, mm 8100 8300
Width, mm 2300 12900
Height, mm 1400 1100